Water Python

Liasis mackloti


The Water Python is a large, robust python generally encountered around various fresh water sources. It's Australia's most aquatic python species, however, they can occur in woodlands and open forests. Also known as the Rainbow Serpent, this animal is characterised by its distinctive iridescent sheen. Young freshwater crocodiles are sometimes included in the wild Water Python diet.

From: Northern Australia. From Broome, W.A. to St. Lawrence, Qld.

Adult Length: Approx 2.5m.

Suggested Enclosure Requirements: A predominantly terrestrial (ground-dwelling) species that requires more floor space than height. Water for soaking/bathing should be offered periodically and enclosure should be misted, particualry prior to animal sloughing. Minimum size: 180 x 60 x 60 cm. Temperature gradient: 25 – 32°C

Licence required (Victoria): Private Wildlife Licence - Basic


Example of hatchlings


Hatchling details

Hatched: 17/12/2012

Feeding well on: Mice


Females: SOLD OUT




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