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Located in Melbourne (AUSTRALIA), we are a small collection of local python breeders. We offer native Australian pythons for sale to the public. We keep a wide range of native pythons species including Rough-scaled Pythons, Black-headed Pythons, Carpet pythons of different forms, Children's pythons and Green Tree pythons.

Depending on each seasons' breeding successes we have a different range of animals for sale each year.

All the pythons we offer for sale have been bred legally in captivity in Victoria. If you want to know about the laws regarding reptile keeping in Australia see our Keeping Reptiles page.

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More clutches hatching- November 2014

Our Rough-scaled pythons have hatched. Expected to be ready for sale early 2015, $300 each.

gtp on eggs

We are very excited to have hatched our first mixed clutch of Green Tree Pythons (more info at our other page Supreme Green). These are not for sale.

gtp on eggs



First clutches of the season hatching - October 2014

Our first two clutches of Green Tree Pythons have begun hatching. We have a few GTP clutches due to hatch soon as well as some of last year's animals for sale. We have decided to set up a site dedicated to them - visit Supreme Geen Tree Pythons to see more..

gtp on eggs


More Eggs - September 2014

After a year off in 2013, our Rough-scaled pythons have produced a good clutch again this year. This is her third clutch and 11 good looking eggs have gone into the incubator.

gtp on eggs


2015 VHS Expo

As usual we will be at the 2015 VHS Expo. Of course we are planning to have some awesome animals available for sale on the day and will be happy to chat all things python! We are thinking of undergoing a facelift for next year's expo so stay tuned for more info...

Green tree python turning green

Eggs - August 2014

Our first eggs of the season have just been laid. GTPs x 2 clutches!

These eggs are from a pair of Aussie GTPs. They are UNRELATED to last year's Aussie clutch, so we are hoping to be able to offer Aussie's from a totally different bloodline towards the end of 2014 if all goes well.

blue gtp on eggs


This hormonal blue female and her partner both have beautuful blue markings and produced some stunning hatchlings last season. Offspring of this pair were not offered for sale to the public last year, but hopefully if this clutch hatches successfully we can offer some for sale once they are established.

blue gtp on eggs

Going Green - August 2014

Our 2013 Pure Aussie GTPs are going through their colour change (look closely at this one's nose). Once they have completed their change and have been sexed their price will INCREASE!!! Don't miss out on unsexed hatchies for $1400.

Green tree python turning green

Some of this season's hook ups - July 2014

Rough-scaled Pythons

Rough scaled python breeding


Different types of Green Tree Pythons

Green Tree Python Breeding

Price reductions - March 2014

Due to upcomming family events (various trips away and babies expected) we are keen to move on some animals in the next few weeks. Some of our prices have just been reduced. Make us an offer on an animal you like the look of!


VHS Expo - Feb 2014

Thanks to everyone who came to say 'Hi' to us at the Expo, we had a great day.

Thanks also to those of you who bought animals from us - please feel free to email updates of how they are going or to ask us any questions you may have. We love getting feedback on our animals.


VHS Expo 2014

Free GTP Hatchling Care booklet with any GTP sold - Feb 2014

Finally completed - our booklet on how we care for our hatchling GTPs. Free for anyone buying a hatchling GTP from us.

VHS expo 2014

"Much has been written and shared about Green Tree Python (GTP) captive husbandry. Quality information is available in books, magazines and online, and we encourage keepers to read as much as possible from varied sources. No two keepers do things exactly the same and there are... many different ways to keep GTPs successfully. We believe the key is to listen to how others care for their GTPs and to form your own keeping style that suits your situation. So with that said, this is a guide on what we have found works best for us (no doubt this will evolve in the future!) and how the Green Tree Python hatchling you’ve purchased from us has been kept."

Sections included:
Introduction, Choosing a hatchling, Handling your hatchling, Tubs, Ventilation, Heating, UV lighting, Substrate, Perches, Water Bowl, Misting, Feeding, Signs of a healthy GTP

See us at the Expo and buy your animals on the day:

We are preparing for the VHS Expo (February 22, 2014 at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds - Expo Hall).

VHS expo 2014

We hope to have hatchlings of the following species there for sale on the day:

- Gree Tree Pythons

- Black-headed Pythons

- Children's Pythons

- Albino Darwin Pythons

- Het Darwin Pythons

- Yearling Rough-scaled Pythons

Vist the VHS for more info about the Expo.


NOW AVAILABLE: Pure Aussie Green Tree Pythons - January 2014

green tree python for sale melbourne

 Hatching eggs - November 2013

We are very excited to announce that two of our breeders have hatched Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) clutches for the first time. These are pure Aussie GTPs and are looking healthy and strong at this stage. No doubt they will take a bit of work to get feeding and well established and as a result we do not expect to sell them until sometime well into 2014.

GTP hatchling GTP clutch hatching


After a years rest our female Black-headed Python, Jasmine, has successfully bred again with hatchlings just emerging. These are popular every year and we hope to have some ready for sale by early 2014.

BHP hatching



 Eggs laid and currently incubating! - September 2013

GTP eggs


Green Tree Python

Morelia viridis



BHP eggs


Black-Headed Python

Aspidites melanocephalus


Children's python eggs


Children’s Python

Antaresia childreni


Canvases - March 2013

Add a stunning python image to your wall. Our high quality canvases are wrapped around a wooden frame and ready to hang.

Limited quantities availble. Click here for details.

green tree python colour change


rough scaled python


morelia viridis hatchling
green tree python biak


Expo News - Feb 2013

Thanks to everyone who came down to say 'Hi' and check out our reptiles at the 2013 VHS Reptile & Amphibian Expo. We had a great day.


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